MSY International has been an active participant in the Sydney building industry since its formation in the Year 2013. Following a strategic growth plan set by founder Li Yang, it has steadily evolved from constructing high-end stand-alone homes, to medium-density and high-rise residential development.

This transition has been accomplished by delivering projects on time, on budget and to an extremely high standard of quality and workmanship. New assignments have frequently been created through the referral of past clients.

The company places a high value on the strength of its relationships with clients, its workforce and investors. Through the company’s network of reputable suppliers MSY International is able to source competitively priced materials from China to the benefit of its Australian customers.

MSY International is committed to growing its presence and reputation in Australia and has a current workbook that includes a range of mixed use and residential projects in metropolitan Sydney and suburbs. Its future plans remain firmly aligned with achieving sustainable growth and delivering residential and commercial buildings that exceed the expectation of clients and cement MSY International’s name as a quality builder.


MSY International takes a holistic approach to sustainability embracing values that relate to the social, environmental and financial impact of everything we do.

We are committed to best practice Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) International principles in all our projects. In partnership with our clients we aim to minimise International waste, adopting work practices that adhere to strict environmental guidelines. Through our procurement processes we source materials that deliver optimum environmental performance while also meeting client design and budget objectives.

The members of our design team are well-versed in implementing ESD principles that enhance a building’s energy performance, meeting and exceeding statutory sustainability requirements and benchmarks. We create buildings that are pleasant to live and work in through our focus on design, enhancing natural light, cross-flow ventilation and orientation that allows passive heating and cooling.


MSY International places a high value on the relationships it has developed with its staff, its clients, stakeholders and the broader community. The strength of these relationships has paved the way for the company to pursue a sustainable growth path which has seen it progress from quality built luxury homes to high end multi-residential International

Equally important, is the trust MSY International has engendered with suppliers and contractors, who are critical to procurement and delivery in all spheres of the business. Our reputation for timely and successful completion of contracts is the guarantee needed to ensure future repeat business.

Mutual professional respect lies at the heart of our operations along with a commitment to building a business for the long-term rather than short-term gain.

Transparent communication is critical to the maintenance of good relationships with stakeholders and we ensure clients receive timely and relevant progress reports throughout the International process. Project objectives and performance benchmarks are established at the outset between Project Managers and clients.


The key philosophy that drives MSY International is its belief in the pursuit of excellence. By applying this standard to every endeavour, the company has attained a reputation that is the building block for all future growth.

By encouraging individual endeavour we form a cohesive team that is supportive, inclusive and bound by a common purpose. We strive always to maintain a harmonious workplace, in the belief that a contented and secure workforce is more productive and conscientious. Our attention to work practices that produce a safe working environment is vital to our proud and dispute free industrial relations record.

In our recruitment we focus upon selecting the best people for the job, those who are highly motivated to achieve their personal and professional goals. We also encourage a work culture in which knowledge and experience is shared for the benefit of our team members and our clients.

Joint venture partnerships are developed in a way that allows all investors and stakeholders to reap the benefit of combining resources that will enhance the value of each project.

We are accountable for the quality of our workmanship and deliver our projects on time and on budget. This is our guarantee of creating a sustainable business founded on an outstanding reputation for quality and reliability.