MSY International brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in International, design, project management and finance, backed by a team of talented individuals.

The company’s open door management model allows for easy interaction between directors and International management, ensuring workplace harmony and immediate response to all on-site issues. Key project management personnel ensure there is regular communication between all stakeholders and that project targets are established fro t outset and constantly monitored and achieved.


Health & Safety Policy

MSY International Pty Ltd is a Tier 2 Building & International company. We are committed to achieving our Health & Safety objectives by establishing and maintaining safe work environments for all employees, contractors and the community in general.

Our key Health and Safety policy objectives are to:

  • Eliminate all forms of personal damage, the prevention of unsafe acts and a systematic reduction of workplace hazards and risk;

  • Establish Health and Safety targets to support the achievement of our policy objectives;

  • Comply with all Statutory and Regulatory requirements relevant to Occupational Health & Safety and any other obligations to which the company subscribes;

  • Encourage a Culture of personal responsibility for Health & Safety behaviour in all employees and stakeholders associated with our business activities;

  • Develop a supportive Health & Safety Culture through Accountable Leadership;

  • Develop the capabilities of our Leaders to positively impact the Health & Safety behaviour of contractors and employees;

  • Promote a Culture of Health & Safety through effective Ownership, Communication and Consultation;

  • Implement an effective Safety Management System consistent with our work activities and enable the building of knowledge resources and the sharing of information;

  • Provide appropriate Safety Training for all employees and ensure that Contractor Health and Safety concerns are regarded with the same importance as that of our own people;

  • Provide effective Rehabilitation Support and Services to Employees in the event of work related incident or illness;

  • Actively implement these policy objectives and review outcomes in Safety Performance to facilitate Continuous Improvement across our business activities.

Our Policy and Procedures are communicated to all personnel and are accessible to anyone with our business operations.

Environmental Policy

MSY International Pty Ltd is committed to environmental sustainability. Our objective is to balance our economic and operational requirements with social responsibilities by minimising the impact of our business activities on the environment and surrounding communities.

To assist us in achieving our environmental objectives we will undertake the following:

  • Promote a culture of innovation, engagement and participation;

  • Promote the efficient use of energy and water, reduction of waste, recycling of materials and prevention of pollution;

  • Improve our energy efficiency and management of our greenhouse emissions;

  • Maintain an Environmental Management System in accordance with AS/NZS ISO 14001, and to continually improve upon those standards through defined objectives and targets;

  • Meet or exceed relevant environmental legislation and other criteria to which we subscribe;

  • Regularly review our environmental performance and identify and implement opportunities for improvement;

  • Influence our suppliers and subcontractors with our approach towards responsible environmental practices;

  • Site Inductions and tool box training will incorporate the aspects of Environmental protection and sustainability relevant to MSY International staff and sub-contractor employees;

  • Promote practices, systems, values and behaviours that contribute to environmental sustainability;

  • Demonstrate leadership in environmental management both internally and within the industries we operate.

This policy will provide the framework for setting environmental objectives and targets within our business.

Integrated Business Management System Policy

MSY International recognise that it is necessary in business today to maintain a good and creditable reputation, to be competitive and maintain a sustainable, profitable business. It is critical to the success of the company that all key stakeholders support our ongoing business activities and provide affirmation to the Directors and Staff that they are achieving our objectives.

To achieve these outcomes it has been decided to review our business systems and model them on PAS 99:2006 (Specification of Common Management System Requirements as a framework for Integration.)

Our objectives are:

  • Ensure all stakeholders in MSY International are proficient with the new integrated system

  • Eliminate injuries on all MSY International work sites

  • Minimise all Aspects of work activities and their Impact on Quality, Safety, and the environment

  • Develop an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality product, continuous improvement, and high performance. The company wants to provide all employees with ongoing personal development, as well as an organizational development.

  • Consultation with all employees on Quality, Safety & Environmental issues, including any changes to work practices, procedures or before the introduction of new equipment.

  • Provide adequate resources required to effectively implement all Quality, Safety and Environmental issues.

  • Continuously review and monitor through Internal Auditing to ensure legal and Third Party compliance.

  • Undertake regular Monthly Management Reviews to ensure social governance and commitment that its policy is promoted and supported by all staff in the company

  • Have replication of best practice through all work activities conducted by MSY International staff.

Our systems will:

  • Integrate the requirements of the key management system standards into a cohesive and functional Business Management System.

  • Be monitored and managed by our senior management, but provide recognition of the efforts of our staff in achieving the objectives.

  • Be documented, implemented and maintained so that consistent levels of service and safety are realised.

  • Be based on Risk Management philosophies to identify challenges to sustainability.

  • Be focussed on Continual Improvement in all our endeavours.

Conformance to requirements shall be substantiated by auditable evidence.

Our Policy and Procedures are communicated to all personnel and are accessible to anyone with our business operations.